• A great start to the year at Throckmorton Trials and Industrial Park – 8th June 2015
    At Throckmorton Trials and Industrial Park we have had an excellent start to the year, having had the opportunity to welcome four new tenants to site:
    • Morgan Sindall who occupy 1 acre of open storage space
    • A further 1.3 acres are now occupied by Move on Transport
    • Ecoganix have taken advantage of the on site security and now occupy 0.4 acres contained within a secure compound
    • Finally, Archer Transport have taken 0.3 acres
  • Car Chase Heroes – 25th April 2015
    A chance to drive unusual cars (typically vintage American cars) in a safe and enjoyable environment.
  • Drift Elite – 3rd, 10th and 24th April 2015
    Drift Elite help everyday men and women pitch it sideways with a selection of drifting experiences. Taking advantage of airfield runways, the group of experienced drifters employ highly modified vehicles with race harnesses and bucket seats including a BMW E46 and E36, Mazda Mx5 and Nissan S14. Sessions range from two hours and two different cars to drive, to longer intensive courses with a choice of car, and the chance to drive a machine prepared to British Drifting Championship spec.
  • Startin Young – 4th and 19th April 2015
    Under 17 driver training. With StartinYoung under 17 driving schemes there is no need to think about intensive courses; 'YOU' can Learn how to drive long before turning 17.
  • Jet Modellers Association – 18th/19th April 2015
    A weekend of flying Model Jets!
  • HD Learner – 18th April 2015
    Under 17 driver training. Under 17? Can’t wait to get behind the wheel? Want to get driving experience before you get on the road? Then THIS is the under 17 driving ‘scheme’ for YOU!
  • Phoenix Group – 13th April 2015
    Close protection Driver Training.
  • Throckmorton Jet Group - 12th April 2015
    A day of flying Model Jets!
  • Under 17 Pathfinder – 6th – 10th April 2015
    Pathfinder is a practical and theoretical introduction for pre-licence drivers (aged 15 -16) delivered through an intensive 5 day programme.
  • SWORDS – 25th December 2014
    Under 17 driver training. Using the latest driving lesson techniques, our professional instructors will ensure you are fully prepared for the road. Already 17? Slightly nervous? Need a confidence boost? We will help you achieve.